Guide rules

  1. The persons who stay at the Residency have to get an official invitation form the Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation for their stay.
  2. It is not allowed to have pets in the residence.
  3. The persons who stay at the Residency have a possibility to use the internet, working studios and facilities in addition to normal properties for living.
  4. In case any property disappears or is broken due to carelessness by the artist or a person living with them, they must replace the broken or lost property.
  5. The artist / visitor is responsible for his / her own travelling expenses, products and the material needed. (see studio possibilities).
  6. The artists, guests or people who stay over the night are not insured by the Residency. It is desirable they have their own insurances for travelling and in case of accidents.
  7. Persons who are staying at the Residency have to take care of the common cleaning of the flat and the other premises they are using. Cleaning and the other welfare measures connected to possible exhibitions will be agreed on by case. The persons have to take the garbage from their flats and the studio to the waste bin in the area of the Residency.
  8. Changing the premises in the way that it causes maintenance or repair measures, can be done but only with a specific permission.
  9. For using of the sauna, or other common premises, the residents have to agree with each other on appropriate times. If there is no reservation by the time somebody wants to use the premises, it is not necessary to make any agreements.
  10. The Residents have to follow the order regulation at Finland state.
    Open here Finland State Regulation.
  11. After signing the agreement or having made an oral agreement the visitors get a key for a flat and the studios. To get the key, the visitor has to sign a written agreement. After the visit, the key will be returned to the staff. If the key disappears or there is no signature that it has been returned, the visitor has to pay all the expenses caused by the changing of the locks and purchasing of the new keys.
  12. The Residency holds the right to cancel the contract with the visitor at any time, if some of the rules are broken.
  13. Smoking in not allowed inside the building.
  14. Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation don’t either store artists art pieces or take care of their artworks and property.
  15. Artists have to take care themselves for hanging and taking down their exhibitions observing the rules of the residence.
  16. Deed of transfer has to be made and signed by both parties from the art pieces contributed to Kemijärvi Sculpture and Culture Foundation.
  17. Possible damages in the residence, made by artist quest, must be covered with the full price of repair and work costs.
  18. The possible disagreements will be resolved through negotiations. If the case is not become reconciled by negotiations, the controversy will be solved in the Kemijärvi court.